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Family at a Beach

Bishop Henry’s Family Concept is a powerful manual that clearly outlines the essential concepts of family and the different roles that each person fills. Speaking as one whose parent’s marriage ended in divorce, I only had the, “don’t do that or don’t do this” examples; I learned what not to do versus what to do. It was very difficult to observe how a wife and children should be treated – how to be a good husband and father. My familial history has caused a lot of apprehension and caution…avoidance in starting my own. It was refreshing to read a book on family and feel more prepared, and even encouraged, to start one. I feel there are a couple of principles that the church skims over when teaching on family, one being honoring the wife. I have heard many sermons harping on the submissive role of the woman; We hear of Sara calling Abraham lord, and how women should submit to their husbands to the point that I feel that we sometimes devalue the woman. I feel it is easy to forget that women are autonomous creatures that deserve to be treated appropriately. Henry not only expresses that women should be honored but that to abuse them has a detrimental impact on the man. I do not want to divulge too much of Henry’s content, but he biblically supported that ill-treatment of a wife hinders the prayers of the husband. That was an eye-opening revelation, and something I have never heard anyone say!  Again, I think I may be sympathetic toward the woman’s point of view due to personal experience, but it was nice to see a book that instructs men to do as the bible says, “Love your wives.”I can’t wait for the next one. He is surely an author I am following.

William W.

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