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Hear what others are saying about The Family Concept

Family Unwrapping

Frank B

 I’ve read “The Family Concept”. Congratulations for persevering in that project.


I applaud you for putting it out there for our finance colleagues to consider reading.   Your approach to family is positive, Christian, and truly counter-cultural.  It is bound to challenge the assumptions of many folks who read it.  That’s great!


Best regards,

Natalie P

"... I learned about your book when it was mentioned in a summary email about a team event that I did not attend. This caught my attention and I proceeded to order a copy. I must offer you my compliments. This is a sound, bible-based read. I like the way you anchor to scripture and offer concepts that only wish I had known at another in my life. I will still benefit from a lot of this content. I have ordered 3 more copies for my prayer group and I’m looking forward to further exploring with them. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Bravo Bishop! ...

Family on Digital Tablet
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